About Us

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Registered as a charity under the Charities Act of Singapore, Daughters Of Tomorrow complements and supports existing training and workforce-related agencies by connecting volunteers and community resources to enable each woman on an individual level. By deep-diving into practical day-to-day constraints of these women, we offer hand-holding and individual coaching to help each woman reach regular and sustained employment.

Our beneficiaries are women aged 20 to 60 from low-income families (surviving on $200 to $500 per capita per month), mostly living in government-subsidized rental flats, and facing multiple stressors in their families. Since our incorporation in August 2014, we have impacted more than 60 women through our skills-training, job-bridging and support programmes. Through  sustained employment, women in our employment bridging program regains confidence in themselves and gains a social support network that helps them through their difficult times.

Success stories:
Susan * (Single-mother of 2)

DOT Support
– Susan is a June 2015 graduate of DOT’s Confidence Curriculum workshop
– Secured an administrative job through her own efforts within 9 months of completing our confidence programme.

– Since June, Susan has been able to earn income for her family through short-term projects referred by DOT.
– Increased confidence and experience puts her in a stronger position for regular employment.

Sally * (Single-mother of 2)

DOT Support
– Sally completed the DOT Confidence Curriculum in August 2015
– Secured a job through DOT referral with Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital

– Increased salary by 40% through DOT referral for employment at Mount Elizabeth Novena.
– Improved housing security as her new salary qualifies her for the HDB loan quantum for a 3-room flat.

* Names have been changed to protect the identity of the ladies.