Chinese Vocal Trainer Turned Singaporean PR to produce music matinee show in support of local needy mothers

Chinese Vocal Trainer Turned Singaporean PR to produce music matinee show in support of local needy mothers 

New volunteer of local charity, Daughters of Tomorrow (DOT), 45-year-old vocal trainer Rita Liu proposed putting up a music matinee to help raise funds for needy mothers.  This type of charity show is not new in the local fundraising scene. But the key difference is this is a show largely dependent on Rita, who is willing to give her time and share expertise for local needy mums.  For the show concept to work, she is prepared to commit to training DOT’s volunteers as well as its beneficiaries – a big effort for one individual to take on, which DOT certainly hopes will strike a chord among audiences.

Founder and Executive Director of DOT, Ms Carrie Tan, shares, “I thought it’s a brilliant idea! Many of our volunteers love to sing and this allows them to contribute towards our beneficiaries in a different way.”

Running a small outfit with 2 full time staff, Carrie is happy Rita wants to drive key components of the show.  For a start, 7 out of the 14 soloists singing are/were Rita’s students, with the remaining comprising PMETs who are DOT’s supporters and volunteers.  “Rita’s has extensive experience in organising such concerts so I am confident of this being a successful event.” Ms Tan explained.

“The show’s proceeds will go towards helping 70 mothers, who have stayed home to raise their children for many years, through DOT’s Back-to-Work programme.”  (Please refer to image below for detailed programme road map.  Attached is DOT’s Confidence Curriculum)

One of DOT’s beneficiary, Ms Fazlindah, is also going to perform this Saturday.  Fazlindah who nurses a diabetic 10-year-old daughter is happy for this opportunity to help other mothers like her, and she has had 3 vocal lessons with Rita.

The music matinee, “Songbirds – where dreams take flight”, is DOT’s first full-scale fundraising event since its incorporation as a charity in March 2015. Past fundraising events have been small-scaled, like pop up booths for selling handmade items. Compared to those events, DOT hopes to sell 250 to 300 show tickets (each priced at $100) to raise about $250,000.  (Please refer to for concert details)

We take the pleasure of inviting your reporter/photographer/cameraman to the event:

Evet Title:  Songbirds – where dreams take flight
Date/Time: 5 March Saturday, 3pm to 6pm
Venue: Raffles Institution Performing Arts Centre, 1 Raffles Institution Land, Singapore 575954

or RSVP and interviews with Rita, Fazlindah or Carrie, or for further information, please feel free to ring Wai Ling at 98464158.

Thank you.