Success Stories

A Toast to our women – Success Stories

Many of our women have successfully managed to get jobs either through DOT’s job-matching program or by their own efforts.

DOT gave out 5 “Inspiring Mom” awards to outstanding women at our annual Mother’s Day  “Empowered Women, Great Moms 2017” event. Here are their stories:

Hanisah Mohamed
All mothers want to provide the best for their children and Hanisah is no different. This mother of 4 children aged 12, 9, 7 & 5 years old approached DOT seeking a permanent night shift position. After an unsuccessful initial match due to the lack of vacancies, Hanisah found her place supporting a fellow mother who worked as a Nasi Padang entrepreneur. Hanisah’s role as a stall assistant requires her to leave in the wee hours of the morning to get the food ready for early morning customers. She works from 3am to 1pm Monday to Friday and her employer loves her diligence and support. Although she never imagined herself working at a Nasi Padang stall, she is appreciative of this opportunity. She gets to spend time with her children, is earning good money, and is working with an understanding and supportive employer.

Nafesah Bte Daud, Fyza
While many mothers say they are unable to work as they need to take care of their kids, Fyza is managing 6 kids and still doing well professionally. She is a single mother of kids aged 16, 12, 11, 10, 7 and 4. She tried almost every kind of job from being a high-rise window washer to a F&B server and finally with DOT’s encouragement, she took on a role as a Nail Therapist. With her hard work and diligence, Fyza was recently promoted to Nail Salon Manager and is better able to support her family! She is very appreciative of the opportunity to learn new skills and work with colleagues who value and appreciate her at Nail Social, a socially-conscious business that was established with the aim of training and employing local underprivileged women who face more barriers to employment.

Nora Kay Ishak Leckenby
Nora is a mother to two kids aged 8 and 2 years old. Her natural inclination for crafts made her a prime candidate for LOOMS, a social enterprise that teaches women to make handicraft items such as making accessories and handmade goods. Her supervisors were full of praise for this conscientious worker and Nora’s talent and diligence has seen her being promoted to a sales position in LOOMS’ showroom. Although retail is not easy, Nora’s affable personality has allowed her to excel in her role. Empowered by the skills and confidence gained from LOOMS, Nora took the initiative to apply for a front desk job at a local hotel. The hotel welcomed our charming artist and recognise her talent by getting her to personally paint cards and messages to hotel guests!

Safiah Hussein
Safiah is exemplary in her fighting spirit. As a young single parent, she suffered from severe anxiety and worried about her children’s (aged 12 and 10 years old) future. Safiah’s life took a turn for the better when she met DOT. She found confidence and strength to take on new challenges. Safiah volunteered with grassroots organisations and expanded her social network. When one of the organisations she volunteered with offered her a part-time position, Safiah jumped at the chance and after a few months she was confirmed as a full-time staff. Her positive and cheerful personality won the hearts of both customers and colleagues. She was even asked to give a talk to the public on “Maintaining a Professional Image”, at one of their road shows. She dispelled her insecurities and thrived with the support and faith that DOT staff and volunteers equipped her with.

Suhailah Wati
Suhailah used to work in the retail sector for more than 20 years at Changi Airport. Wanting to spend more time with her children, Suhailah contemplated working from home. However, DOT felt that her sales acumen and grounded personality should be given more space to shine. We put her in touch with Portes, a social enterprise partner who wanted to engage our ladies through selling of baby products. Not one to underperform, Suhailah sold all the products given to her and even requested for more! She turned out to be a fantastic mum-preneur and is ready to take on a brand-new set of challenges.