Corporate Social Responsibility


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Access to information, resources, new knowledge and new world views are part of the journey of stepping out and stepping up to a new life out of poverty.

Companies actively support DOT’s cause as part of their corporate social responsibility programme through engaging with us in various ways, ranging from 1-day events to long-term regular volunteerism as well as funding and sponsorships.

Past activities include:



(Top left) Business Chemistry self-assessment workshop for DOT’s volunteer and staff team-building by Deloitte Singapore – 31 March 2016

(Top right) Commercial Kitchen Exposure by Electrolux – July 2016

(Bottom left) IT Literacy Programme by Rockwell Automation – August 2016

(Bottom right) Basic Business & Marketing Literacy Workshop by Shell – August 2016

Reach us at if you would like to explore some CSR programme ideas with us!