Partner Employers

ABRY: Employer and staff team are accommodating to their new hires, helping to cover shifts when our ladies were unable to show up for work due to emergencies at home. They provide guidance beyond just the job scope, showing care to their new hire by coaching their employee who had tight financial constraints with her budgeting. ABRY’s founder and director goes the extra mile to assess each woman’s strength and channels her to work duties that will allow her to further develop her talents. ABRY aims to inspire people with premium lifestyle brands and positive experiences. This includes a positive, awakened and honouring experience for the staff team as well, to discover their purpose.


Bizlink: Bizlink, a non-profit organization serving the disadvantaged individuals, is able to provide flexible work arrangements to accommodate our clients. They provide periodic feedback and offer intervention to help our clients remain employed in the job they are hired in.


Environmental Solutions: The company has great intentions to support DOT’s mission and was initially unfamiliar with the engagement and management of our women. The owners of the company were very open to receiving honest feedback after a DOT referred candidate resigned first week into her job after a misunderstanding. The company was opened to re-engage the same woman, for another more suitable role. The re-engagement was supported and reinforced by DOT’s visit to the company, providing counsel to the pertinent staff of the company, and explaining DOT’s vision, objectives and mission. As of Q2 2017, the same woman continues to perform well in the job and is very happy with her work environment and immediate report.


Mdm Aisha’s Nasi Padang Stall: Due to odd working hours when public transport is unavailable, Madam Aisha, as the business owner, provides transport to and fro work for ladies who stays in the vicinity of stall, at the same time making flexible rostering provisions to enable them to juggle looking after their families.


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