Befriending Support Program

Do you sometimes just need a friend to talk to or to encourage you when the going gets tough? A DOT Befriender can be your guide and companion on your back-to-work journey!

Role of a Befriender

  • Positive friendship.
    She’s someone who has your best interests at heart. An encouraging voice and a listening ear.
  • Understands your strengths and difficulties, connects you to help and resources e.g. classes, workshops and suitable jobs.
  • First point of contact when you have a question or a problem.

She is NOT

  • your Social Worker. She is unable to help you with HDB issues or Financial Assistance. Please check with your FSC/SSO Social Worker for help.
  • entitled to loan or give money.
  • a childcare worker.

How the program works?

  • Initial face to face meeting.
  • Follow up conversations via phone calls, messaging or in person.

For enquiries or feedback about your Befriending experience, please contact Kanak at or call 9106 7553.

To volunteer as a Befriender, please click here.